Tinder down under

I’m going to be honest with you. In my short time dabbling with tinder down under, I’ve seen more arses than I’ve seen in a lifetime. And I’ve seen some arses. American boys from LA like to show you their dogs, good southern boys in Memphis all had their arm round their mum in their photos, but these filthy Aussies can’t wait to get their kit off.
Again, like any good trend, there will always be sub categories and the schmorgasboard of male nakedness Australian tinder has to offer is no exception.

1. The lads.

Suns out guns out…

2. The aspiring models
Good lighting, a well cut blazer and plenty of grease. This ain’t no bathroom snap.


3. My body is better than my face.

Why bother ruining a good thing? You gotta play the hand God dealt you.

4. Arse o clock.

In more than one sense of the word.┬áCheeky poses to eradicate any accusations of a homoerotic undertone – these lads want you to know they’re no Shiela.



In a way you have to respect their honesty (particularly Kevin). This is sold as seen. No third nipples or surprise ex girlfriend’s name tattoos here I guess. Plus this country can reach a staggering 43 degrees Celsius in summer. I’d probably be in the buff smearing myself with some sort of cooking agent. That all being said, what these boys lack is a bit of good old fashioned British decorum. Leave some mystery Trent. No one’s going to buy the cow if you’re giving away the milk for free. Or you know, stroke the koala it has its arse out. Whatever the Australian version of that is…you get my drift.

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